I’m a creative director and business builder based in Utah USA. Designing and consulting in the technology space allows me to watch ideas become reality. Building software allows me to see how the world is being changed.

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to be a part of building a coding bootcamp. From the software it runs on to the storytelling, branding and marketing I’ve been able to facilitate an industry-changing player coming to life.

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I’m interested in upending dated industries and ideas. I’ve been able to work with a team that is committed to redefining the education space. By identifying skill sets that should be built in the workplace and not just in the classroom we have grown a school that is training and placing students in a fraction of the time of traditional universities. It’s starting effectively with software development and will grow to more industries as we continue to push the envelope.

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(or dont, I’m not a cop)
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Hidden Art

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How The Roots Effect The Tree

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August 6, 2013 in Web Development

The Real Purpose Of A Website

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