A powerful call answering platform letting users take calls from multiple locations

I was brought in as an outside consultant and UX designer to skunkworks a new product for the Weave platform—a tool that allows a user to manage calls and texts from multiple locations. It had powerful features and a clean modern design.


Wireframing, Prototyping, UX Design



Stepping into the shoe of the user

To create a useful tool, I really had to understand what a day in the life of the users were. They have very specific use cases of how they answer phones, send texts, how often they are available and unavailable, and how they look up patient data.

The solution needed to give users quick access to patient data ad hoc. It also needed to make it easy to turn on or off “do not disturb” for either individual offices or all offices at a time. It also needed to manage texts, voicemail, and call indexes clearly and cleanly. The result was a powerful new tool that could be tested and rolled out to their user base.