I am currently working as a COO at a quickly growing software company. I love the creative arts and when I’m not envying the amazing work of others that makes me feel like a chump I am out looking for as many ways as possible to stretch my own creative ability. Creation is the core to happiness and that is my primary pursuit.

I have had the opportunity to work with several businesses in their starting stages so I was able to help them grow and develop their entire brand image and marketing strategy. I was also able to work for some well-established companies who were looking to revamp their image and get a fresh look. It is the most rewarding experience to help people translate the vision they have for their company into reality. I love showing people options that they hadn’t even thought about in the process. I have started several of my own businesses and I have a college degree in business so I have a good hands-on knowledge of what businesses need. The most important thing is that this is what I love to do and I do it pretty dang well.