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I wouldn’t call myself the best “artist” in the world. I can say that most everyone has a unique style and if they know how to tailor their style to specific projects then they can be a successful designer.

I have thought about where my style has come from and I have attributed it to my hometown of Teton Valley, Idaho. The following attributes adequately describe connections between my design style and the natural design of Teton Valley:

1. Minimal and Simplistic

I believe less is more. Good design doesn’t have to have 100 different colors and layers and flashing lights to be powerful. I believe subtle, well-crafted design is king in a world of excess. The same is said of my hometown. There is not a flashy city center, big malls, or other man-made attractions. Teton Valley is simple and elegant. When you are there you have a consuming feeling of peace and contentment without truly knowing why. Teton Valley isn’t the biggest blip on the map and the people who live there hope it never becomes one. Comparatively, people tend to think that for a logo to be effective and memorable it needs to have as many frills on it as possible. So when a designer brings those  clients a small minimalistic shape they seem unimpressed. It’s important to remember that very complex ideas can be communicated through simple but amazing design. (Nike logo anyone?)

2. Powerful

As you drop into Teton Valley you are welcomed with a framed vista of the Tetons. They are bold and beautiful. They are powerful. Like a bouncer that doesn’t need to do much more than stand there to communicate a powerful message. The Tetons are not the most sung about mountains or even widely recognized, but nobody can deny that they are powerful when they see them. The way the mountains present the view it seems like someone hand crafted each rock and tree. I try to make my design similarly powerful. I want people to see my design and know the message that I want communicated without distraction. Going along with being minimalistic I want to gain the attention of viewers by being finely tuned down to the details, just as the Teton mountains have been, and not just by being the tallest or a host of other superlatives.

3. Emotional

Good design should invoke feeling. It’s power and design should form a connection and pride. People from Teton Valley are proud of what they have. They are connected to it and are emotionally charged by it. The logo and branding of a company should be held up as a mascot. Take the innovative company Apple for example. They make all of their decisions based on the brand. That is what makes Apple consumers so emotionally tied to it. The company respects the brand so consumers respect it also. I have grown up being emotionally tied to things. I feel that you should surround yourself with what is important to you. You should respect those things and do your best to make them as good as possible.

Comparing my hometown to my design may seem silly, but creativity is something that is grown inside of oneself.. My hometown made me who I am and how I see the world. I respect where I come from and I embrace it. It makes me unique. Even though I may not consider myself the best “artist” in the world, I know how to design true to myself and my upbringing.

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