Gamification and learning management system for elementary school teachers and students

This was an incredibly fun project. This was a program to help get students healthy and active. We wanted to make an easy to navigate content delivery system for teachers that also gave them a dashboard to see how their class and their students compared to others in the district. For students, we wanted to make an intuitive platform to track their time spent exercising and gamify it to drive engagement.


Art Direction, UI/UX design, User Research


Select Health

Knowing how to design for your specific user is of the upmost importance

For this project we did a lot of user research. Knowing what kinds of colors kids respond to. Knowing that they want bold non-nuanced colors. Colors that may seem hard to adults are much more engaging for kids. Using gradients for the main CTAs was important to make them stand out among all the bold, solid colors.

Because we can’t have students photos, we allowed them to pick different avatars that show up on class leaderboards. We also created a mascot, “Doug the Dog,” that is sick or healthy depending on how well you are hitting your goals. Who said Gigapets are dead!?