User testing and innovative design that paid off

We had been slowly iterating the UHC small business store for years. Our testing eventually led us to try a completely new concept for the store—a chatbot and a wizard to tell the user what plan they should get instead of them shopping on their own. This led to a huge lift in conversions as we had correctly found the right pain point to solve and solved it in the right way.


Web design, Prototyping, Testing


United Healthcare


Percent increase in store conversions


Increase in est. yearly revenue

The Results

“I can’t look away”

Ken Lerner – General Manger/UHC

Solving the problem of making something very complicated feel very simple

Buying health insurance is not a fun process. Buying health insurance for 10 employees is an even less fun process. I was tasked with taking a very high-friction process and making it palatable. We realized that it wasn’t a matter of just making information easier to find or digest. Lots of customers had no idea what information meant and how it applied to them. From user testing we determined it would be important to instead learn about the user and then recommend plans to them.We created a funnel that did just that. It beat the traditional funnel by 300%.

Gathering all that information is not easy. We went with two different approaches: one where a user talks to a virtual assistant in a very dialog format and one where it’s a traditional wizard. While both approaches decimated the traditional shopping experience, they converted pretty evenly. Both approaches had different drop-offs at different points, which helped us triangulate even further optimization solutions.