Bringing life and art to a dry and boring industry

This was an intensive project with almost impossible deadlines. I led a team of 4 other designers to build over 300 screens in 10 days. It took detail oriented design strategy, personnel management, late nights, and hard work.


UI/UX, App Design, Design ops, Client management


Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Using bold colors and engaging illustrations to drive engagement.

This brand has been plagued with applications that have been shipped and then never used by their customers. The reason is they are in an industry that is scared of taking risks. Products and properties were boring and dry. I wanted to change that. The problem was that it would take more than just a good design idea to solve this problem. Managing 3 other agency partners, legal and the client was a tedious process that required backing up designs with best practice and data.

One particular problem was the client wanting to use photos inside of the mobile app as a design element which made the app look dated and out of place. To solve this problem we created an illustrated avatar based on their photo models. This led to a powerful branding elements that gave the app life.

Design Goals

  • Exciting
  • Modern
  • Active
  • Energy


  • Mobile App
  • Desktop Web
  • Mobile Web

Maximizing a team to ship hundreds of screens across multiple platforms with consistency and efficiency.

This was a very tough project. It required late nights and weekends from the entire team. As a manager, not only was it important to direct the art for the project, it was also salient to manage the design file system and library to ensure consistency across designers’ work.

I can be very inefficient to have designers working over each other. I acted as a design scrum master and merged in work designers were doing to make sure they were following the style guide and our established site style.