Making a difference in the lives of High School Students

The Keys to Success App was built to engage high school students in preparing for their educational and professional futures. It connects students with internships, scholarships, and rewards from local businesses.

This app continues to be a massive success for its parent company, Success in Education and Ken Garff. It has driven explosive engagement and adoption for their program. 


UI/UX Design, Mobile & Web App, Product Management


Ken Garff


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The key is to empathize with you user, your clients, your PMs, and your design team

Successful projects are not a result of one good design idea. It’s the ability to conceptualize an idea based on the needs of every person up and down the chain of the project. You need a comprehensive view and understanding of what will work and also what will be able to ship.

Art dies when good designers do nothing. This project worked because of the relationships I built up and down the assembly line. Then I was able to put together the right product and sell it to each key member of the development process. The result is an effective product that was very successful and is making a difference in the world.