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So you have decided you need a website, but why?  Websites can be one of the biggest assets to your company, but most people don’t know how to utilize them. The first thing you need to consider when building a website is your objective. If you build a website just to build one because you heard it might be helpful, you aren’t going to get much benefit out of it. Here are some common objectives a website can solve:

  • Help users find your business address.
  • Help users get your contact information.
  • Establish your company brand.
  • Give information about your company such as your values and mission.
  • Be a storefront and a POS where you sell part or your entire inventory.
  • Be a soapbox where you can make announcements and news updates.


Once you know your objective you can start to build your website with every part of the website pointing in a singular direction. Finding this objective will make you much more successful in accomplishing the reason for starting the website in the first place. It seems so intuitive and yet it missed much too often.

Carefully consider what it is you want your website to accomplish. The main objective isn’t something that should be tagged onto your website at the end. Your entire website should be built around the objective. This is either something you need to consider if you are building your own website or something you should communicate to your web designer. A website with a clearly defined objective will translate into many more conversions for your business.

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